SISMYK, the music division of ComediHa!

SISMYK—the music division of ComediHa!—is a production house specializing in the creation, production, promotion, and multi-platform distribution of a wide variety of content. This includes festivals, unique and innovative shows featuring various music styles, tours, show tapings, TV series, documentaries, variety shows, and much more.

SISMYK is first and foremost a company dedicated to creativity, and we are currently invested in developing new projects and large-scale cultural events.

Since our foundation, SISMYK has put together such presentations as Madonna’s MDNA Tour in 2012, Céline Dion on the Plains of Abraham in 2013, and Diana Krall at the Grand Théâtre in 2017. SISMYK has also been behind the Grand spectacle de la Fête Nationale since 2016. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic at the start of 2021, SISMYK and ComediHa! teamed up with Quebec City to create a web series for young people who were feeling isolated. From this association L’ABRI was born—a space that brings together humour, interviews, and performances while offering support, a listening ear, and comfort.